We are citizens of God’s kingdom. It is a heavenly kingdom and all who are born again by accepting Jesus as their savior choose to live like him, are part of. We live in two kingdoms; one, physical, the other, spiritual. 


1. Jesus is the center.

It’s about: Integrated Priorities


2. We believe big and start small.

It’s about: Active Faith


3. We honor one another to glorify God.

It’s about: Valuing People


4. We are contributors, not consumers.

It’s about: Taking Action


5. We think inside the box.

It’s about: Embracing Limitation


6. We can do more by doing less.

It’s about: Focused Excellence


7. We don’t maintain, we multiply.

It’s about: Ongoing Growth


8. We eat the fish and leave the bones.

It’s about: Teachable Attitudes


9. We want to be known for what we are for.

It’s about: Promoting Unity


10. We will not take this for granted.

It’s about: Expressing Gratitude